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By | November 27, 2013

rena air pump


For fish that like a more aerated environment or for aquarium owners who like to decorate with bubble walls and moving accents, the Rena air pump line provides safe and reliable service. Available in a variety of power levels, Rena air pumps can provide aeration power for fish tanks from one to 160 gallons. Their curved, stylish design and rubberized bottom help prevent creep and the noise associated with running most air pumps. They are surprisingly quiet as they have noise-suppression chambers inside.

Rena aquarium air pumps offer high-powered air compression and pumping capabilities. Simply attach a quality air hose, air stone, bubble wall attachment or other air-powered decor item and position it in the fish tank where desired. Air flow can be controlled with an easy to use control knob on all sizes of the Rena Air pump. The largest pump, the Rena 400 for use with aquariums of 60 to 160 gallons, has two air outlets which can be adjusted separately to customize the aeration and bubble decor in the tank.

The Rena aquarium air pumps give any fish tank owner a powerful and quiet solution to their aeration needs. Increase oxygen and reduce chemicals in any tank for healthier and happier fish.

Aquarium Advocate Review:

The Rena Air pump is one that I have much experience with. It is reliable and powerful. I have been running one continuously for at least 3 years. The one I am using is the Rena Air 300 and it is definitely powerful enough to run the undergravel filter on my 60 gallon aquarium.

This air pump has a unique design. Personally, I like the look of an old square air pump, but this is definitely stylish. It is made of heavy plastic and seems to weigh more than other brands. This gives it a feeling of quality and seems to help keep it weighted to the ground to prevent rattling. It is very quiet. I have a smaller model of a different brand running in the same room as my Rena Air and the Rena Air is quieter.

The Rena Air 200 and larger models have adjustable airflow. This is a nice feature that not all aquarium air pumps have. If you have multiple aquariums, you could purchase a larger model and use it on a smaller tank if need be. The Rena Air 400 has dual outlets with separate adjustment valves.  The 50 and 100 models do not have adjustable air flow.

The Bottom Line: Rena Air pumps are a little more expensive when compared to the same size pump of a different brand, but their quality and features are better than most. This is a well made air pump that should last you years. 

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