Aqueon Pro Heater Review

By | October 13, 2013

aqueon pro


The Aqueon Pro submersible aquarium heater comes in a range of lengths and wattages for use in any home fish tank set up. They range from 8.5 inch 20 gallon model to the 15 inch 90 gallon model. No matter what size heater you need, Aqueon Pro heaters are simple to set up and use. Simply plug the heater in, turn the easy to read dial to the desired temperature, and submerge it in the aquarium. They can be positioned upright or sideways to accommodate the particular dimensions of your fish tank.

Built with an aluminum core and coated in thermal plastic, the Aqueon Pro submersible heaters are designed to last. There are no glass parts which might shatter and endanger fish. They are perfect for extended use.

Fish and other aquatic life will enjoy even temperatures from between 68 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. This heater can be used in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The dial at the top can easily be adjusted while the heater is in use. A two-light indicator glows red when the heater is activated and green when the correct temperature has been reached. The internal thermostat is accurate to 1 degree, so you can be assured of proper heating for all your fish’s needs.

Aquarium Advocate Review:

Realistically, This heater pretty much has it all. The dial on top is clear and easy to read and its built in thermostat correctly adjusts the temperature. ¬†With different aquarium heaters, you don’t know it’s on unless it’s actively heating the aquarium, but with the Aqueon Pro, you always know its getting juice because of the 2 light indicator. It’s nice to know the heater is always working.

In the past, I have had large fish break heaters. They either purposely crash into them with their sides (to scratch an itch I assume) or they actually bite at the indicator light. The plastic / polymer exterior of this heater makes it pretty much indestructible, so this would be the ideal heater for aquariums with large, powerful fish.

Like most good aquarium heaters these days, the Aqueon Pro is completely submersible and can be placed in the aquarium vertically, or horizontally. It automatically shuts off when it is taken out of the water and is stuck onto the inside glass of the aquarium with durable suction cups.

The Bottom Line: This is a good heater. It has everything you would want in an aquarium heater and then some. The only downside of the Aqueon Pro line is that it only goes up to 250w which means you would probably need 2 for anything over 75 gallons.

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