Julidochromis Regani Species Report

¬†Julidochromis Regani is a beautiful cichlid from lake Tanganyika in Africa. They are an amazingly colorful species of freshwater fish and have lively vibrant personalities. They are easy to care for and breed. In this report I will give you details from my own experience with this interesting fish. This fish is a little advanced […]

Rena Air Pump Review

Description: For fish that like a more aerated environment or for aquarium owners who like to decorate with bubble walls and moving accents, the Rena air pump line provides safe and reliable service. Available in a variety of power levels, Rena air pumps can provide aeration power for fish tanks from one to 160 gallons. […]

Aqueon Pro Heater Review

Description: The Aqueon Pro submersible aquarium heater comes in a range of lengths and wattages for use in any home fish tank set up. They range from 8.5 inch 20 gallon model to the 15 inch 90 gallon model. No matter what size heater you need, Aqueon Pro heaters are simple to set up and […]

Aquarium Filtration Basics

Aquarium filtration can be intimidating for the new aquarist. It’s easy to get lost in the options and possibilities. This guide will help you understand the different types of aquarium filtration and how they will affect your aquarium and its inhabitants. ¬†There are 3 types of aquarium filtration we are concerned with aquarists. Biological Biological […]

Aquarium Setup – A simple guide for the new hobyist

Since this is the first article, I figured I would start at the beginning….. Proper aquarium setup will make all the difference in the success of your aquarium. So, you’ve just gone to the local aquarium store and come home with a new aquarium. ¬†Hopefully the aquarium store guy told you not to buy fish […]